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A journey inside the body, mind, spirit system. A journey, to explore yourself and its auto healing mechanism … with movements, breath & deep relaxation, guided by awareness. An opportunity to get closer to your naturalness.
Yoga is widely known for the exercises (asana), which have multiple benefits, but yoga, seen from a holistic view, is a way of life. A way to live in harmony with nature. A way to live and to experience really the body and senses. A way to get in touch with your inner self. In the frenzy pace of the 21st century we have lost that connection. We live in our thoughts, we identify with them. Instead of living in the present, all our energy, thoughts, are exhausted in stressing for the future stress and getting stuck in beliefs and fears of the past.

Yoga is the art of Living in the Here and Now. Awareness is the key. Anything done with awareness can be Yoga, Meditation. It is a holistic system. It affects the whole body mind spirit system. Our body posture shows our attitude in life. The posture, the breathing, the mind and the psychological state are interconnected. You will feel the difference from the first session. Yoga is also a science that balances the forces of the human system (body-mind-spirit) through exercises, breath, balanced diet, relaxation and meditation. Is a valuable tool for self-healing, consciousness & harmony.

From the first lesson you will feel closer to your naturalness… muscle tension dissolving, balanced posture, activated body and a calm mind. To participate you don’t have to cover up any condition just the will to… dive inwards.

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