Heal Yourself

Living in the city we gather a lot of tension and all kinds of pollution. The result ofexposure, in such an environment, is:

  • exhaustion of the nervous system (restlessness, headaches, insomnia, chronic stress)
  • the lack of proper oxygenation (fatigue, confusion, chronic respiratory diseases)
  • stiffness/atony of the musculoskeletal system (pains in muscles and joints, incorrect posture)
  • weakening of the immune and the lymphatic system etc.

Despite all the adverse conditions, it is up to us to restore balance and health. This course has been structured to help us return to naturalness. Including:

  1. 30 minutes Clearing tensions from the bodymind with shaking, dynamic breaths, exercises by Kundallini, Tantra Yoga and sounds.
  2. 30 min Yoga Therapy. During the course, the functions of the various body systems is analyzed and how we can activate them with exercises and breaths for optimal operation.
  3. 30 minutes Deep Relaxation and Guided Meditation. Self-healing occurs when the body relaxes deeply, the emotions and the mind harmonize and we come into contact with our true self. Then everything is quiet, nothing happens. You are just here now, with no stories. Then the system finds the space, to give all its energy to repair and restore balance.

Exercises and meditations to enjoy at home, depending on the topics. The goal is to take responsibility (and therefore the power) of your healing in your daily life. To release tensions and contribute to your health, understanding experientially how the bodymind system works.


Free traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis for all members of Body Mind Spirit Space.

Groups 4-6 persons. Please book your space in advance due to limited availability.

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