Yoga Spring Detox Workshop

Body Mind Spirit Detox

Spring arrives. The days are longer, the weather warms up and the body is already preparing… change. Let’s get out of the lethargy of winter, waking up our bodies and receiving extra energy. It is time for detoxification at all levels!

Yoga practices activate the digestive and lymphatic systems that have plagued by the accumulated toxins of winter.

The man is part of nature’s chain. We cannot avoid the biological clock that strikes, with the pace of renewal and change. For all living beings on Earth, spring invites us into an opening.

The rhythm of modern city life, doesn’t allow a spontaneous response to change in order to keep up with the revitalizing power of spring.

But there are solutions, which we will discover in this workshop, from the side of Yoga, the physical-mental-emotional detoxification through diet, exercise, adequate rest, contact with nature and other simple techniques. Solutions fitted to the western urban lifestyle.

Let’s welcome the new era feeling lighter and full of energy combining yoga techniques with a cleansing nutrition of the seasonal foods provided by mother nature.

Body Mind Spirit

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