Reiki Attunements I, II & III

Cleansing and attuning our energy channel

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique where energy is channeled through the hands of the therapist, to the energy centers (chakras). The word consists of the “Rei” which means Spirit, Universe and the “Ki” Energy.

When you have low energy levels, you feel weak and vulnerable. The system is out of balance and gets sick. On the other hand, when your energy is high, you feel strong, positive and a feeling of well-being and vitality overwhelms you. You become your true self and experience everyday with consciousness and brightness!

The wide spread use of Reiki, is due to the simplicity and effectiveness of the technique. Most people who practice Reiki today, were receivers. Often, after a few sessions, the receiver experiences a change in behavior, beliefs and thought patterns. A desire awakens for positive changes in his life. This desire often manifests as the will to become a Reiki channel himself.

Reiki I

During this seminar we will cover:


  • What is Reiki and how it works
  • The history of Reiki
  • The rules & principles of Reiki
  • Reiki meditations for cleansing, protection and energizing
  • What is Reiki I initiation
  • Hand positions for self-healing and therapies
  • Usage instruction of Reiki
  • Time for practice
Reiki ΙΙ

During this seminar we will cover:


  • What is the initiation in Reiki ΙΙ
  • The symbols of Reiki and their use in a therapy session
  • Long distance therapy
  • Hand positions for emotional and mental therapy
  • Time for practice
Reiki ΙΙΙ

In this seminar we will cover:


  • The prerequisites to teach Reiki
  • The symbol of Reiki ΙΙΙ
  • How to conduct the initiations
  • The content of Reiki I, II & III seminars
  • Time for practice

At the end of each attunement you will receive a diploma and a manual.

Body Mind Spirit

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