Body Mind Spirit is for those seeking balance of body mind spirit.
Seeking for naturalness.

holistic therapies


We often pay attention, only when the body faces health issues, muscle stiffness, migraines, etc. To overcome this, relax and listen to the body… handle it with respect and love. Holistic therapies such as Reiki, Bowen Technique and massage, respect the body mind spirit system and work effectively with several health issues.

Yoga & Meditation


The awakening … becoming aware of your body mind spirit system. A dive inside, through movements, asanas, breath, relaxation and observation techniques. The connection with the body-mind system in a new, more natural light. Ideal for all, beginners and advanced students.

yoga second tibetan


It is a journey of awareness to enter & center into your being. A path, that leads to … naturalness, to Oneness. During these workshops, we create the appropriate environment to do an experiential dive within ourselves, feeling safe and free at the same time, using techniques, from the world of yoga, meditation, Osho and self-healing.



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