Chakra Journey

Come and share a journey to explore our energy.  A journey to promote free energy flow.   A journey of harmony, balancing the hormonal and nervous system ... to calm the mind, ... to rejuvenate and relax the entire system.  

A journey into inner strength, vitality and wholeness.   With movements, dynamic chakra breathing, voicing and meditation.
A road trip, on the highways (meridians) and squares (chakras) of body bioenergy.

An energy field surrounds each and everyone of us.  Our energy body, in other words, is connected and interacts with our physical body, through the Chakras.  There are seven main Chakras that correspond to the glands of the endocrine system, responsible for the production of hormones in the body e.g. the solar plexus Chakra corresponds to the liver and the pancreas.

The Chakras are like, energy squares, on the Energy Avenue (Meridian Energy lines), whirling, helping the bioenergy to flow freely through the body.  If the Chakras are operating correctly, you enjoy a life in harmony and health.



3hr Workshop
One Day Workshop

Ready for a journey in the Chakra world?



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