B.Q. Wake Up – Energizing Body Intelligence

The awakening ... becoming aware of your body intelligence (B.Q.). A dive inside the body through exercises, breathing, relaxation and observation.  The connection with the body-mind in a new, more natural light. 

In this workshop you will activate the Body Intelligence system bringing awareness to the physical body and its needs.  Using techniques from the world of meditation, self-healing and Yoga.

When people asked Buddha, ' what should I do to not be angry, or what I should do or not do to not have obsession with food ...? The answer was always the same "Be Mindful, Be Alert.  Be Conscious in that you do…”  
There are various kinds of imbalances of the body-mind.  One person has depression, obesity, others greed… The disease is different, just like we all dream different dreams. The medicine remains the same.  Wake up! You can call it alertness, observation, consciousness, presence, clarity, meditation ... or simply naturalness.  These are different names for the same medicine and responds to every disease.  

We all live with our bodies and inside our body.  However, very few have a deep awareness of it.  We often pay attention only when the body does not work as well as we would like.  When it is forced to grab our attention with health issues, such as muscle stiffness, headaches, or even in intense symptoms such as migraines, diabetes, heart problems, and even then a lot of times the message does not get through.
To overcome all these, it would be a good idea to listen to the body… to handle with greater respect and love.


3hr Workshop
One Day Workshop

Ready to energize your B.Q.?



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