Five Tibetan Macrobiotic Exercises – Awakening your Vital Energy

It's time to re-energize at all levels.  5 simple exercises, 20 minutes a day ... a beautiful daily practice that strengthens and regenerates the system offering well-being, health, radiance and anti-aging.

These 5 Tibetan macrobiotic exercises came from the Buddhist monasteries of Tibet.  Restoring balance to the Chakras of body energy, they help to restore the normal production of hormones in the endocrine system. 
When this is achieved, the body's cells reproduce and regenerate, at the rate of a much younger age. Science has shown hormonal levels play a major role in the aging process.

Performing the exercises daily, the first results become visible within a month.  Through these exercises, you feel yourself growing day by day ' younger '.

Chakra: Wheel-Rotation of the vital force and hormones

An energy field surrounds each and everyone of us.  Our energy body, in other words, is connected and interacts with our physical body, through the Chakras.  There are seven main Chakras that correspond to the glands of the endocrine system, responsible for the production of hormones in the body e.g. the solar plexus Chakra corresponds to the liver and the pancreas.

The Chakras are like, energy squares, on the Energy Avenue (Meridian Energy lines), whirling, helping the bioenergy to flow freely through the body.  If the Chakras are operating correctly, you enjoy a life in harmony and health.  When these vortices swirling more slowly or even in the opposite direction, imbalance is created in the body.  As we get older the speed reduces.

You will receive detailed instructions with photos of the exercises.

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