Be Yourself Workshops
Being You, is a series of meditative workshops, that connect you back to your true self… to your naturalness.  It is a journey of awareness that brings up to the surface your real face, behind the masks and the roles.  It is a way to enter & center into your being, into your inner truth. Embracing the change, allowing yourself to live your life, safely rooted in your center and free.  Free from unconscious luggage of the past and beliefs that are no longer working for your blossoming.  A path, that leads to a meeting with your gifts and potentials.  A path, that leads to … Oneness.

During this workshop, we create the appropriate environment to do an experiential dive within ourselves, feeling safe and free at the same time, using techniques, from the world of meditation, self-awareness, self-healing and flower essences.
Different issues we deal with are the following…

In order to have internal stability and balance, in the modern changing realities we live in, centering is vital. When are we Centered? How often? Why being at our Centre, is not our natural state of being?  What does it really mean to be in our Center and what needs to happen in order to be there?   
During,  this workshop you will experience your own answers to these questions, clear any obstacles that may exist between you and your center as well as receive practical tools for your daily life.  The point of view from the eye of the cyclone instead of living the periphery, where the storm blows you in all directions.

Discover your Uniqueness
Leave aside, all the ideas you have for yourself adopted by different external factors, and have an experience of who you really are. We are like flowers in a garden and our internal quality is the fragrance we offer.  Each flower is different ... all together make up the whole of a wonderful garden.
During this workshop, you will connect with your pure essence and the qualities that derive from it.  Break free from that is not truly yours, experience your truth… the first steps of connection with your uniqueness and the way of expression in your daily life.

A higher aspect of you
We are all multidimensional beings, functioning in our daily life through our different dimensions simultaneously (body, mind, emotions…). At the same time there is a higher part of ourselves including all these and so much more. 
An awareness workshop that enables the connection with your higher self.

Freeing yourself from the past
When we are born we belong to a family system, and as we age we begin to belong to a social system. Each of these systems consists of a certain history as well as collectively unconscious standards, which may not have anything to do with our inner truth. Nevertheless, we carry them in our behavioral and though patterns subconsciously and lead our lives accordingly.
During this workshop, you will unload unconscious burdens and responsibilities that do not belong to you.  Feeling free to lead of your own life and relationships in a healthier manner.

Transition and new beginning
Everything is in continuous movement and change. The same applies for us humans. Even in biological level we are in continuous change, thousands of cells are born and die every day.  The same is supposed to happen in our interior world, beliefs, perceptions and behaviors. Yet, a vast majority is preserved as absolute standards, hanging on to them, limiting us… not allowing us to evolve. So when it is time for change, even if it is for something positive and bright we may resist and have difficulty in our transition towards something new.
During this workshop, you will liberate yourself from the fear of change and the unknown; familiarize with transition, to gain more freedom of movement and flow in life.   

Shining your way
We are born with an innate temperament, gifts and talents. When we connected with them and relate to life through them, we feel strong and find meaning in what we do, we feel complete and that we are on the right path. Nevertheless, the environment we are raised in, the educational system so far and societies we live in, rarely support our inner qualities and talents.
During this workshop, you will connect with your temperament, innate gifts and talents. In order to begin to relate through them and direct yourself to the situations that will allow you to blossom.

Free your creativity
We come to life pure and innocent ready to explore all, in owe and wander for the world and the freedom it provides with no restrictions whatsoever… full of creativity. But as we grow older and older all sorts of limiting beliefs and patterns are created costing our creativity.  We become like sheep following the herd just to belong and feel accepted.  This costs the freedom of our spirit to make the impossible possible… to see magic and art in life… in us.
During this workshop you will free yourself from the restrictive stereotypes that have been built around your creativity. Understanding mere existence as a field of infinite possibilities, where anything is possible.  Moving in the journey of your life with a new vision… embracing your creativity.

Inner unity and coherence
How many times have you wandered how many different qualities, selves, roles, talents inhabit inside you.  Each one with different thoughts, desires, beliefs, traits.  All working uncoordinated with each other, even cancelling each other.  This creates an imbalance in our system… resulting in lack of coherence and content decreasing our efficiency in our daily life.
During this workshop you will experience the harmony of Oneness.  Connecting all of the skills and talents in a manner that supports each other. Realizing that they are parts of the same self and that their purpose is to evolve to… the flowering of your Being.

Showing your potential
How would your life be if you could expose your true potential free from your background and personal story? Who would you be? How would this affect your life?
During this workshop you will free yourself from restrictions that do not allow your true potential to shine as well as develop new creative ways to expose it in a healthy and positive way.


One Day Workshops 11:00-19:00
2 Day Workshops 11:00-19:00

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