Be Yourself Workshops
Being You, is a series of meditative workshops, that connect you back to your true self… to your naturalness.  It is a journey of awareness that brings up to the surface your real face, behind the masks and the roles.  It is a way to enter & center into your being, into your inner truth. Embracing the change, allowing yourself to live your life, safely rooted in your center and free.  Free from unconscious luggage of the past and beliefs that are no longer working for your blossoming.  A path, that leads to a meeting with your gifts and potentials.  A path, that leads to … Oneness.


During this workshop, we create the appropriate environment to do an experiential dive within ourselves, feeling safe and free at the same time, using techniques, from the world of meditation, self-awareness, self-healing and flower essences.
Different issues we deal with are the following…

One Day Workshops 11:00-19:00
Two Day Workshops 11:00-19:00

Breathing – access to your Vital Energy
Breathing is a mirror of our lives.  As deeply and fully as we breathe soprofoundly and whole you experience every moment. 
Just observe yourself.  How do you breathe each moment? The breath changes, depending on your feelings. And vice versa feelings change, if you change your breath.  Observe your breathing… in situations that you are relaxed, loose and open.  And situations you dislike, all the way to those situations that... take your breath away.   Have you noticed small children? They experience each moment fully present ... taking full breaths. 
Is it difficult for you to observe? Just breath softly, … slow, deep breaths and... you will become an observer. Breath is your energy.  The deeper and fuller you inhale and exhale the more energetic and alive you feel.  Remember the days when your nose is stuffy and you can't breathe properly.  The body is dragging lethargic, without energy.

In this workshop we will help our lungs to clean. We will work with the structure of the respiratory muscles, release tension which hinder full breathing by ensuring more energy, better mood, clarity and health.  We will explore the world of breathing by opening our energy channels (Nadis) with meditation and breathing.

3hr Workshop
One Day Workshop

Five Tibetan Macrobiotic Exercises – Awakening your Vital Energy
It's time to re-energize at all levels.  5 simple exercises, 20 minutes a day ... a beautiful daily practice that strengthens and regenerates the system offering well-being, health, radiance and anti-aging.

These 5 Tibetan macrobiotic exercises came from the Buddhist monasteries of Tibet.  Restoring balance to the Chakras of body energy, they help to restore the normal production of hormones in the endocrine system. 

When this is achieved, the body's cells reproduce and regenerate, at the rate of a much younger age. Science has shown hormonal levels play a major role in the aging process.

Performing the exercises daily, the first results become visible within a month.  Through these exercises, you feel yourself growing day by day ' younger '.

3hr Workshop
One Day Workshop

OSHO Talking to your Body Mind  Reminding yourself the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your Body-Mind

Offering to your body the love and recognition it deserves … establishing a communication system with your Body-Mind… healing yourself… one step closer to your true nature. 
This guided, meditative process for 1 hr. for 7 days,  is about making friends with yourself, just the way you are.  It is about healing, restoring balance in the body, emotions, mind as well as behavior patterns that have been out of balance.

You will enter into deep relaxation guided by my voice (hypnosis).  During this state the unconscious mind allows suggestions to sink in, thus will start working for you in new ways. Talking and listening to your body-mind system, addressing unwanted body symptoms or behaviors, that need your care and attention.

1hr Workshop
1hr - 7 days Workshop

B.Q. Wake Up – Energizing Body Intelligence

The awakening ... becoming aware of your body intelligence (B.Q.). A dive inside the body through exercises, breathing, relaxation and observation.  The connection with the body-mind in a new, more natural light. 

In this workshop you will activate the Body Intelligence system bringing awareness to the physical body and its needs.  Using techniques from the world of meditation, self-healing and Yoga.  


3hr Workshop
One Day Workshop

Chakra Journey
Come and share a journey to explore our energy.  A journey to promote freeenergy flow.  A journey of harmony, balancing the hormonal and nervous system ... to calm the mind, ... to rejuvenate and relax the entire system.   A journey into inner strength, vitality and wholeness.   With movements, dynamic chakra breathing, voicing and meditation.

A road trip, on the highways (meridians) and squares (chakras) of body bioenergy.  

3hr Workshop
One Day Workshop

Yoga Spring Detox Workshop
Spring arrives.  The days are longer, the weather warms up and the bodyis already preparing… change.  Let's get out of the lethargy of winter, waking up our bodies and receiving extra energy. It is time for detoxification at all levels!
Yoga practices activate the digestive and lymphatic systems that have plagued by the accumulated toxins of winter.

3hr Workshop
One Day Workshop

Grounding Workshop
In the modern, ever-changing, reality we live in, it is vital to be grounded. When we are grounded, we provide ourselves with support, stability, security. We have a need to feel that we step our feet firmly on the ground, in order to proceed with confidence and energy in our lives.
The human system is between the Earth and the Sky. It's kind of like the tree. In order a tree to grow high and strong it needs simultaneously to develop and its roots, deep and strong.

Without roots one cannot fly. He is simply lured by the winds and his landings are ... crushes. Without internal security and stability we are not really free.
In this workshop we will... land. Smoothly, safely. Through various Oriental techniques and yoga ... with movements, self-massage, breathing, deep relaxation and meditation.


3hr Workshop
One Day Workshop

Reiki I, II & III Attunements
Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique where energy is channeled through the hands of the therapist, to the energy centers (chakras). The word consists of the "Rei" which means Spirit, Universe and the "Ki" Energy.

When you have low energy levels, you feel weak and vulnerable. The system is out of balance and gets sick. On the other hand, when your energy is high, you feel strong, positive and a feeling of well-being and vitality overwhelms you. You become your true self and experience everyday with consciousness and brightness!

3hr Workshop
One Day Workshop


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