Yoga Spring Detox Workshop & Thermal Springs

Fr. 08 – Sun. 10 April 2016

Spring arrives. The days are longer, the weather warms up and the body is already preparing… change. Let's get out of the lethargy of winter, waking up our bodies and receiving extra energy. It is time for detoxification at all levels!

Yoga practices activate the digestive and lymphatic systems that have plagued by the accumulated toxins of winter.
The man is part of nature's chain. We cannot avoid the biological clock that strikes, with the pace of renewal and change. For all living beings on Earth, spring invites us into an opening.
The rhythm of modern city life, doesn’t allow a spontaneous response to change in order to keep up with the revitalizing power of spring.

But there are solutions, which we will discover in this workshop, from the side of Yoga, the physical-mental-emotional detoxification through thermal spring water, diet, exercise, adequate rest, contact with nature and other simple techniques.
Let’s welcome the new era feeling lighter and full of energy combining yoga techniques with a cleansing nutrition of the seasonal foods and thermal springs provided by mother nature.

Meditative Workshop - Be Yourself
Express Your Potential

Sunday 28th February 2016, 11:00-19:00

As humans we are wonderful creatures with a lot of amazing capabilities. We all have been born having innate qualities, gifts and talents. As we grew up, some of them found fertile ground and were developed, while others, because of unfavorable conditions, didn’t manage to come to light and offer their potential.

The capabilities that were not expressed in life usually express a very deep part of our temperament. Thus, we bring to life a limited scope of ourselves, having become the modest human model that is convenient, in the society we live in.

The result of this is that we end up suppressing an essential part of ourselves, creating disharmony, lack of fulfillment and feeling limited, because we know inside us, that something very essential to our being has not come to light. The truth is, that we can break our limitations and manifest our full potential. Because, the power to do that is within us. There is no need to wait for help from external factors.

In this experiential workshop, we will create the appropriate conditions using advanced techniques from the world of meditation, self-awareness, self-healing and flower essences. In order to let go of anything that is stopping us from manifesting our whole potential.

To participate, you don’t need to cover any prerequisites. You just need to have the intention to manifest your full potential. We will be glad to connect with you and share with you this journey!




Sat./Sun. 12-13 February 2016 11:00-16:00

Come to open the channel of your energy. Join us on a healing journey of self discovery.

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique where energy is channeled through the hands of the therapist, to the energy centers (chakras). The word consists of the "Rei" which means Spirit, Universe and the "Ki" Energy.

During this seminar we will cover:
• What is Reiki and how it works?
• The history of Reiki.
• The rules & principles of Reiki.
• Reiki meditations for cleansing, protection and energizing.
• What is Reiki I initiation?
• Hand positions for self-healing and therapies.
• Usage instruction of Reiki.
• Time for practice.


Trance dance & Gong Bath

Friday 15 January 2016, 20:00-23:00Sports / Dancescapes, Holargos

We invite you to a night that will commence with the meditative dance, Trance Dance. The dance, is the driving force that brings us into a euphoric state that results in self-healing derived from our own Spirit & Body. The vibration, is the energy that creates all that exists in the universe including humans. Is the time when everything is in harmony, everything becomes one. In Europe, Trancedance became well known from the Teacher-Saman from New Orleans Wilbert Alix

Gong Bath with guided meditation will follow. The Planetary Gongs that will be played after Trancedance Ritual will be: Jupiter, Neptune,Earth and Synodic Moon. We will activate the unconscious mind, as well as relaxation, inspiration, patience, confidence, imagination and well-being. The sound waves of Gong, slow down the brain waves in Theta frequencies (the sweet sensation before sleep) and pausing the flow of thought, rinsing memories and beliefs we carry, that don't serve us anymore. At this zero point of the mind, healing happens, the system restores itself. A journey of deep balance between body, mind and spirit.


Nutritional Balance Meditative Workshop -
Embracing the inner self & the real body image

Sunday 24 January 11:00-19:00 Sports Center An. Kifissia

Each person is unique, with a different character, appearance as well as unique inner qualities that characterize the “Being”. These special qualities create our true inner identity. The modern lifestyle has drifted us away from our true inner self. We have identified our "Being" with our personality and the body image that we have built through past experiences, the perceptions of important people in our lives and the beliefs that we created.

Drifting away from our inner self, creates disharmony in our thoughts, emotions as well as the relationship with our body and food.

As a result we often acquire extreme nutritional behaviors in order to:

• avoid negative thoughts,
• fill our emotional gaps,
• forget our depressed needs,
• fit with social stereotypes,
• avoid stress and the difficulties of daily life.

This way, we end up fighting our own body and consider food, our enemy.

This workshop focuses on:

• recognizing our true inner quality,
• releasing the false impressions we have about ourselves,
• acknowledging the causes that lead us to have a distorted body image,
• embracing our inner self, realizing who we really are,
• allowing our inner self to present the body that suits us, as well as the innate nutritional habits it needs.

Creating the path for a deep balance between body and mind.



Outdoor YOGA

Every Sunny Thursday 10:30 - 12:00

Every sunny Thursday, 1030-1200, come to awaken the body and our energy in nature. To move and breathe in the woods of Papagou.

Come in nature, to strengthen your roots, to connect deeply with the Earth ... to ground, with exercises from Yoga and Eastern technics of movement and meditation. To breathe fully, to feel whole, aligned and full of energy.

A great way to start the day!

Walk & Yoga on Ymmitos Mountain

Saturday 26th of December 12:30

The sunny days continue in this part of the planet. Come on Saturday 26th December, on Ymmitos Mountain, to activate the body and energy in nature. To walk, move, breathe and relax.
Come and strengthen your roots, to connect deeply with the Earth ... to ground, with exercises from Yoga and Eastern technics of movement and meditation. To breathe fully, to feel whole, aligned, full of energy.
It is exactly what we need between the festive meals and feasts. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Time: 12:30
Meeting point: Anastaseos str., Papagou (close to Attiki Odos highway). Or 1215 near Metro Station Holargos


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