The practice of here and now.

For me, meditation in everyday life means ... I'm here… now, with all of my being ... I Am Present.  I observe all aspects of me…. See more  (the body… its sensations, the mind… the thoughts, emotions ...) and their conflicts, to be able to live as One ... in wholeness.
To resonate, my true face with my personality ... to invite harmony, balance in the system, stop the internal conflict, criticism and tension. For the free flow to flourish in my life, for the joy of simplicity, clarity and gratitude for the gift of life.

Meditation is a daily journey of awareness, an adventure on the way to love. The acceptance and love for myself and by extension for the likes of me. .. for the entire creation.  Because in the end I can only give what I possess ... what I have conquered myself ... life doesn't go far with borrowed knowledge, nor with pretty lies to ourselves and others.  Life wants you whole, Here ... Now.

Group Classes 1 hr.
Private Sessions 1 hr.


Energetic Meditations

The Energetic Meditations are designed for the Western man of today. The man of the city moving in the frantic pace of the 21st century and residing mostly inside the head and the thought world.

The 1st part, releases body-mind-emotional blockages, balancing the flow of energy with energetic ,  often chaotic techniques. Unloading body tensions and unnecessary thoughts … bringing you back to the present moment.  In the 2nd part, you let go to immerse yourself in silence… allowing the meditation to happen.  Away from roles and masks, relaxing in your truth, in your being, here ... now.

Group Classes 1 hr.
Private Sessions 1 hr.


OSHO Talking to your Body Mind  Reminding yourself the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your Body-Mind

Offering to your body the love and recognition it deserves … establishing a communication system with your Body-Mind… healing yourself… one step closer to your true nature.

This guided, meditative process is about making friends with yourself, just the way you are.  It is about healing, restoring balance in the body, emotions, mind as well as behavior patterns that have been out of balance.

You will enter into deep relaxation guided by my voice (hypnosis).  During this state the unconscious mind allows suggestions to sink in, thus will start working for you in new ways. Talking and listening to your body-mind system, addressing unwanted body symptoms or behaviors that need your care and attention.

Group Classes 1 hr.
Private Sessions 1 hr.


Yoga Nidra – Relaxation through Unity

Yoga Nidra, is a meditation technique that is part of the Tantric tradition, for deep physical, mental and emotional relaxation.  One hour of Yoga Nidra a day equals 4 hours of sleep.

This technique is beneficial in stress, insomnias, and nervous system imbalances, offering relaxation and harmony in the system.  The method is learned easily and very soon you can practice it yourself whenever you wish.

Real relaxation allows us to regain mental and physical energies, offers wellness and wholeness. .. the mind clears ... our true self appears.


Group Classes 1 hr.
Private Sessions 1 hr.




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